Entry into Jerusalem

Demonstration and Live Shooting of the event

3pm, Porta Pistola, Matera

As the first highlight of the “Revolt of Dignity”, which will begin in late August in the refugee camps, Jesus, his disciples and all of his followers will enter the European Capital of Culture. This scene follows and revises the famous “Entry into Jerusalem”, the first confrontation of the Jesus movement with the priestly and secular power of the time. In the main square, the Piazza del Duomo, Jesus and his disciples will throw down the gauntlet to the Salvini government and the major food corporations affiliated with the mafia – just as Jesus once did to the tradesmen and the rulers of Rome. Enough of the rightlessness of hundreds of thousands of people, enough of this deadly capitalism! Dignity and justice for all!



Performance Open to the Public 
& Film Shooting

10am, Piazza San Pietro, Matera

The second major mass filming – as many other film scenes from the “New Gospel” – will follow the biblical text: Jesus is condemned by the Templars, then handed over to the secular powers. Jesus, who refuses to abandon his beliefs, is eventually tortured and led through the city to the cross. Realpolitik and period film mix again: the judgment against Jesus is also a judgment by the current authorities of Italy and the EU against those without rights. Pontius Pilate is played by a representative of the Salvini government, a governor of Rome in Matera. Applicable law and a cry for dignity collide in a passion spectacle.



Film Shooting open to the Public​

3pm, Parco della Murgia, Matera

At the classical location of the crucifixions of Pasolini’s “Vangelo” and Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, the crucifixion of the first black Jesus of cinematic history will take place: symbolically, Yvan Sagnet will be crucified by the EU policy and the governors of the New Rome, at his side two more insurgents will be nailed to the cross. The act of crucifixion is also an act of solidarity.



Political Assembly

9pm, Teatro Argentina, Roma

The “Resurrection” will take place in Rome, the center of the Roman world power at the time of Jesus and today’s capital of modern Christianity –  and at the same time the capital of one of the EU’s most xenophobic and anti-minority governments. In an event at the National Theater, Jesus will “resurrect”. The “Manifesto of Dignity” will be adopted in the presence of the official church and activists from all over Italy. A global campaign for global civil rights begins.




3pm, St. Maria dello Spasimo, Transeuropa Festival, Palermo​

In Palermo – the arrival port of the refugee ships – the “mission” begins symbolically: based on the famous first mission of the Apostle Paul, the message of Jesus is universalized, does no longer only address the “Jews” (or the Italians and Europeans), but citizens of all countries and cultures. Activists from Latin America, Africa and various European regions meet and formulate a policy of dignity for the entire globe – announced in the port of Palermo as part of the Transeuropa Festival.